Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day

It's a truly unique experience being a father. If you have more than one child, you know that no two children are alike. They each come with their own unique challenges. Responding to those challenges can make us or break us as fathers. No one is the perfect dad,  but we can all strive to do our best.

Sometimes it's hard, especially if you find it difficult to get in quality time with the kids. I personally know folks who volunteer for overtime because they need the money. They trade family time for extra income,  and I get that. But what if they could build a side hustle with LEDs hours per week than the overtime,  and create more income? Who wouldn't want to do that?  Let me say it again... more income, less hours.

If you're interested in starting your side hustle and spending more time with your family,  click the link below. I'll help you out all the way, if you're serious.


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Looking Ahead at 2017

As January comes to a close, I realize that it's not the usual time for goal setting, prognosticating, making resolutions, or otherwise looking forward to the rest of the year. That's okay. Most of the time those all fall by the wayside. My goals for this year are simple. I'm going to have my personal best year ever. That's it. Upward and onward!

The two main things I'll be changing this year in order to make this happen are 1) eliminating negativity, and 2) focusing on the positives in life. I don't believe anyone can truly be successful unless the eliminate negativity and begin producing positivity in their life.

You'll be reading more over the coming weeks as I share my adventures through 2017 with you. Whether you're a long-time reader (can't imagine I've managed to keep many of those, lol) or a new visitor, I encourage you to bookmark the site. Come back every so often.

I hope to keep things fresh and amusing, but most importantly to inspire you to do and try new things in 2017 to make it your best year ever as well.

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Insomnia Is For The Birds

I've been up all night, my mind racing with an overflow of new ideas for niche marketing. Then one bunny trail leads to another and I've built a sandbox site to test out layout and design, ad placement, creating a new site template. If I can get it all working right, I can sell this child theme as a product to other marketers.

More bunny trails and I'm looking at land again. I would still love to own some land in an isolated area of Texas, or maybe into more remote areas of our country, such as Idaho, Utah, Montana, or Wyoming.

Another bunny trail and know I'm thinking about my health issues. Could I even make use of such land even if I was able to aquire it?

I won't sleep today. I may sleep tonight, if I remember to take my pill before midnight. I'm sure all this blue light isn't helping. Oh, the joys of technology. We're killing ourselves more and more each day.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday Events to Make 2017 Something Great

Well, it's finally here! The day after Thanksgiving - Black Friday - 2016. If you're an American, it's likely you stuffed your face yesterday with plenty of turkey, pies, and other great food, watched some NFL football, and had a nap (or two!). Today, many camped out, or got up early, to get into line to take part in sales and try to get super deals that are in limited quantities just for today at physical retailers around the country. For many retailers, today is the day they finally break even or make money for the year. Hard to fathom to those of us involved in internet marketing of one sort or another. Of course, Black Friday is quickly followed by something known as Cyber Monday, where online retailers are supposed to have super great deals as well. In recent years, however, the lines have definitely blurred between the Friday and Monday sales events, with many retailers having sales every day of the Thanksgiving week, with some going through the following Monday. 

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